Saturday, June 15, 2013

What's Not Trending?

People being mean to each other . . .
Crabby-patty-pants – ever . . .
Listening in to anyone’s conversation uninvited being cool – ever – are you listening NSA?  Not Cool!  E-v-e-r
Socks and sandals – Jesus was and is the king of cool and you don’t see him with socks, do you?  No.  You do not.
My hair today.  You just have to be here.
Sending weapons to people we do not know to kill people they do not know.
Cake.  Everyone loves pie way more than cake.  At least everyone I listen to.  That’s everyone, right?  Right?
Sunshine.  You heard me.  The sunshine is not trending just now – it’s
rain and floods and gardens and crops crying for just a little sun
. . . please?
Peace – she’s just not that into you.  Get over it, humans.  After all, where were you when she called
crying in the night?  Where were you when she needed you to stand up for her?  Yeah – busy
doing other things, like hanging out with that bad boy you call fighting – well, your gal
Peace has moved on.  Like I said, she’s just not that into you – she was.
But that was then.  And where were you?

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