Thursday, June 6, 2013

12 Things to Know When You Turn Six

My grandson will soon turn six and there are some things (I think) he needs to know.  In the imagined conversation in my head, my shared wisdom goes something like this:

You’ll be six soon, Rowen.  I am so excited for you.  You’ll have so many adventures in first grade.  But you’ll have hard times too.  So here are some helpful rules:

1. Someone might make fun of your hair.  If they do, blame your mom – when it comes to hair, it’s always the mom’s fault (at least that’s what the kids on the playground think, so you can get away with blaming her).  But if it gets too tough, just call me and I’ll send you that picture of your dad – you know the one – with no teeth and the laser lights coming out of his head and the hair – sigh – he loved that hair (but we know better, don’t we?).  And when we laugh at how silly that was, we’ll feel better.

2. Sometimes the teacher will get mad at you.  Remember that that’s her job.  Tell her you’re sorry even if you aren’t – teachers like that – and who knows, maybe you really will be sorry.  They also like it when you do what they say.  They like that a lot!  But never, ever, ever, do something that’s wrong just because a big person tells you to.  That is not right and it is not okay.  And I will back you up 100%.

3. Sometimes you’ll be bored.  Learn to make a face that looks like it’s interested and let your mind travel wherever it wants.  Just remember #2 when you get caught (and you will sometimes get caught – and teachers really hate daydreaming).

4. When things get tough, just remember you’ll be 7 soon.  7 has it’s own problems, but it’s something to help you get through being 6 – trust me when I tell you this.

5. You may have to learn to fight, but it’s way better to learn how to laugh.  If you can get folks laughing with you, you’ll make friends out of enemies.  But don’t make fun of them – nobody likes that.

6. Cafeteria food will always be cafeteria food – it’s one of the punishments of being smaller than everyone else that you have to eat it.  But you’ll survive, so don’t sweat it.  And remember – everyone else has to eat the same food too.  And be nice to the people who make you the food – it’s not their fault the food is so bad.  And even if it is, everyone deserves to have someone be nice to them.

7. Always keep sharp pencils.  They’re so much more satisfying to write with.

8. Learn from everybody.  Everybody has something to teach you, even if it’s what not to do.  So when a classmate gets in trouble, pay attention.  And don’t do what he did.  Sometimes it’s really that simple.

9. Have fun learning.  You are smart and the world has much to teach you.  If you don’t understand, don’t be afraid to ask.  Most times, nobody else understands either.  They’re just too shy to ask.

10. Always remember to send Gran a copy of your report card and papers.  Gran loves to get mail and lots of times, there’s money in it for you.  That’s how Grans show grandsons how much they love them when they’re far away.

11. No secrets.  You’re too young to have secrets and anyone who tells you otherwise isn’t being good, so don’t you listen to them.

12. Finally, make friends with someone who doesn’t have any friends.  Maybe they’re too shy.  Maybe they’re not very nice.  Maybe they don’t smell so good.  Maybe they just need a friend.  If you want to have friends, you have to be a friend.  And remember to take up for kids who can’t take up for themselves, the ones who get picked on or yelled at, because they need friends more than anyone.  And you are a great friend for anyone to have.

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