Friday, October 17, 2014

There's a Balm Somewhere

There is a balm in Gilead 

or so goes the song,


where on earth is Gilead?

Somewhere in modern Jordan

among the mountains

where trees did grow

whose resin provided

a healing – a balm – 

a soothing salve – 

there, then, is the geographical

of our Gileads, our safe, healing

places, our sacred, set aside

spaces, our finish-line

races, our no-more-put-through our

paces, our sought-for-in-the-crowd



wither Thou art,

O God,

there be my Gilead


  1. Been there. Interesting how reading a simple piece of fiction can suffuse your days with warmth by recalling those words. Thanks for reminding me. — P

  2. I wish I knew- where it was right now

    Maybe I am on the journey to find it- or maybe I have reached the spot and I am getting ready to put it on- I don't know

    But I do konw I could use some-

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