Thursday, June 27, 2013

Treasure Mapping

I had promised the grandson a treasure hunt and he reminded me last night.  And so I quickly drew out his map.

“Don’t forget,” he said, “my prize at the end.”

“I won’t forget,” I promised.

Too lethargic to move from my spot, I am inspired out of sheer laziness: his prize will be a hug.  We’ve been at odds today, the wee one and I.  So I convince myself (even knowing it for the laziness it is) this is a good thing.

Around the yard he goes, map in hand . . . 9 blocks forward on the sidewalk . . . right turn and 12 giant steps forward then 3 back (his legs are longer than I thought, so we readjust the way you can with a small boy who will not hold it against you that you got it wrong) . . . pick a flower and then 9 giant steps right again to the tree to ring the chimes . . . then right again and a few more giant steps to where I sit and somehow, he actually reads what’s there and gives me a giant hug bigger than his giant steps.

Turns out the treasure was mine.

Redemption in the tiny arms of a tiny boy whose legs are longer than the world.

All is well.

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