Wednesday, June 12, 2013

God, You Are When

God, You are
     when the wind blows
     through my life,
     through this land

God, You are
     when the greening comes

God, You are
     when I stand in Your calm
     in the center of the chaos –
     let it be now, let it be so

God, You are
     when the birdsong is
     more real than lawn
     mowers and passing cars

God, You are
     when standing in a circle
     of love and friendship new
     or old as the one tells the
     all what cancer and dying
     and kindness are like
     amidst the setting of the
     sun and the honking waves
     of the passers by the circle
     expanded to include their
     speeding sent love – or not

God, You are
     when tears fall and shaking
     broken bodies are held

God, You are
     when . . . ever

*Taken from the book Traditions by Sara Shendelman and Dr. Avram Davis


  1. And, God, You are

    Beth reminding us that YOU are
    Peace..and Love..and Sharing.


  2. Marilyn - what a blessing you are. Thank you, just because. Beth