Saturday, June 8, 2013

Mirrors on Quiet Waters

A friend sends some pictures via e-mail: mirrors on quiet waters.  Don’t you love that effect when the water is so still that it perfectly mirrors the scene above creating a double beauty?

My own favorite is at Christmas time coming home on Rt. 250 into Fairmont – just around the curve and down the short straight stretch in the nighttime at Wood’s Boat Docks, there, out in the water, sits the metal Christmas-tree shape all lit up and when it’s really dark, all you see is it above and reflected down into the waters of the river where we used to swim when we were kids.

In the daytime, it looks like just what it is – a metal frame with lights on it.  But in the nighttime – oh, in the nighttime, it’s magic – that moment when the best bits of your past twine into your present and all is well with the world – twice.

Today may your mirrors be many and the beauty they reflect bring you joy.

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