Monday, June 10, 2013

Pie Are Round

So I’m watching a series on Hulu just for relaxation, when one of the characters removes what she calls a
Here's a beauty found at Cocina Para Emancipados
quiche from the oven . . . and it’s a rectangle.  And unbidden, my mind thinks, “that’s not a quiche – it’s a rectangle.  A quiche has to be a circle.  It’s a pie, dammit!  And pie are not square (or rectangular), pie are round.”

It’s a bit of silliness (well, okay, a whole lot of silliness), I know, but I can’t shake this feeling that when quiche are not round, there’s something wrong at work in the universe.

If I had more energy, I would research why pies are round and why quiches in particular are.  I would learn the history of the quiche.  I would know its variations of wonderfulness.  And I might even take the time and learn how to make my quiche square, if not rectangular (there must be some standards, after all!).

But it is way too early in the morning to be spending so much time online investigating just to know the difference, the implications, of the square, rectangle and circle-shaped quiche.

I think I’ll go back to bed.

Because I am that geekie, I just did a quick scan of google images of quiches and although I didn't look at them all, I only found 5 non-circular shaped dishes out of roughly 1,000 images of the glorious quiche - and I suspect that those 5 may not be quiches at all, but rather a strada or some other egg dish.  Just sayin.


  1. Yummy. I wish my quiche I served up yesterday looked as good as your picture.. Although, mine was round! BTW, definitions for quiche say it is a "pie or tart", etc. I never saw a square pie. That's what we call a cobbler!
    Good giggles..


  2. Marilyn - wish I'd been there yesterday at your table - love quiche! And I'm w/ you - a square somethin' may be good, but it ain't a pie, a tart, tartlet, quiche or any of the many variations thereof. Fun, fun, fun. Beth