Monday, July 16, 2012

Why Does a Painter Paint?

why does a painter paint
a sculptor sculpt
an architect build
a musician compose?

Because they must.
Because the music they hear
the colors they see
the shapes they discern
must be given their voice,
their shape, their form

the creator creates
because that’s what
a creator does

Why is there a Kingdom?
Why should it please God
that it should be so?

Maybe because when
The Word opens . . .
a world opens

. . . because the light of God,
like the power of God,
will not be contained.

Because the God who is love
loves like a little girl
with a blue flower in her hair
having no interest in whether
you solved the national debt crisis today --
or not --
wanting only to love you . . .
just as you are . . .
into who you ought to be

because one rainbow . . .
one life . . .
one love . . .
just wouldn’t do . . .
When you’re God,
why do one rainbow . . .
or life . . .
or love . . .
when you can do four . . .
or infinity . . .
all at once?


  1. Beth, this is beautiful and expresses some of what I am trying to do when I paint. May I borrow all or part of it for my artist statement for the show I am hanging in the library on Wednesday? Of course I will give you credit.

    1. I wonder if you know how much you bless my heart? Of course you may borrow - take - run with - fling - it all. (that's what artists do :-)