Thursday, July 19, 2012

Next Blog

On my blog page at the top are pre-set links for ‘share’, ‘report abuse, and ‘next blog’.  I’d never paid a bit of attention to them until the other day when I decided to click ‘next blog’, which took me to a lovely blog filled with spiritual reflections.  So I hit it again – same kind of blog.  And again – same thing.

Turns out I’m hanging out in the blogosphere with the churchie and otherwise folk - and I’m cool with that.

But it’s interesting to me that the people at Google have read or more likely had a machine sort out my key words, phrases, and ideas and decided that I’m more about God than I am about my politics, my family, the beauty of where I live, my love of all things and people Scottish, or another great recipe, all things I write about from time to time.

Yeah, I’m definitely cool with that.

Way to go, Google.  You got it right this time.

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