Tuesday, July 10, 2012

To Russia, with Love

There are apps that track even what towns folks are reading a blog from, but I don’t subscribe to them.  But Blogger.com does tell me the countries readers are from (forgive the dangling prepositions – I’m from West Virginia [it’s an old joke]).

What has been fascinating to me as I track statistics on readership is the increasing number of readers from Russia particularly (shout out to Malaysia, India, France, Germany and Latvia, the other non-English speaking countries also with regular readership).  But since I went to Scotland, Russian readers have become my second largest audience group, following the United States.

I am both puzzled and delighted.  I wonder about you, the Russian reader.  Are you practicing your English skills?  Are you fellow Christians?  Folks interested in nature who enjoy my thoughts on rural life?  Do you enjoy my jabs at the political foibles in my own native land?  Or was it Scotland that drew you as it draws me?

We truly are entangled (in the best possible way, I think) in a world-wide web – of communication and increased understanding, of learning and knowledge, of sharing and caring, of giving and receiving.

Just like any community, the web has its share of the weird, the odd, the ugly and the dangerous.  But for the most part, I have found friendliness and welcome with a world of folks I will most likely never meet in real time.

So to the friends all over the world, but especially to my Russian buddies, a special welcome today.  May you be blessed with all the wonders and joys life has to offer, now and ever more.

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