Monday, July 2, 2012

I Met a Thoughtful Man Today

I met a thoughtful man today.

His name is Earnest.

He suits his name.

In the midst of the hubbub of the exhibitors and the exhibited that is the Exhibit Hall of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA), a man sat alone at his particular booth as folks walked by.

Taking a stroll around to collect the swag on offer, I sat down and we talked.

Earnest was thoughtful and reflective and took his time to compose his words and offered wisdom, taking me much more seriously than I deserved and being much kinder to me than I was to him.

I wonder if I’ll ever be old enough or calm enough or thoughtful enough to simply offer my wisdom with such quiet grace.

I doubt it, but I sure hope so.

My life is richer because I met a thoughtful man today.

Blessings on you, Earnest.  May the spirit of repose that emanates from you flow into the crannies and crevices, sweeping away any tides of injustice and indignity which may surround you.

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