Sunday, July 29, 2012

What Too Shall Pass?

Babies crying in
the middle of the night

Toddlers teething

Ten-year-old girl giggle fests

Teenagers staying out late
making us frantic with fear
world-weary sighing
teen angst

all that too shall pass

Twenty-something smugness
you know the look
the one you just want to
slap right off their face
except you’re too well-bred
and you know it isn’t nice –
especially with the one
who came from your own loins

Thirty-something condescension
explaining the world to you
as if you and the world
are meeting for the very first time

Forty-something assumed patience
telling you yet again
how to live your life
plan for your future
as if you and your life
haven’t been on speaking
terms for a very long time

Fifty-somethings eyeing
your car keys with suspicion
and worry-filled eyes
talking about where you’ll
live when . . .
with voices fading into
discomfort at the thought
neither of you wants
voice given to in the first place

Sixty-somethings looking
back over the shoulder
of time at the baby crying
seen by the thirty-something
as impatience. . . and judgment –
bad parent –can’t you keep
that child quiet?

Seventy-somethings waxing
philosophic, sharing for all
who care to hear and many
who do not all their
gathered wisdom

grousing and kvetching
about all the aches and pains
an eighty-year old body
must endure

Ninety-somethings grinning
like babies, just happy
and a bit surprised to find
themselves still here . . .

Yes, it shall all pass away
more’s the pity . . .

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