Thursday, July 5, 2012

Journey to Pittsburgh: GA

I've journeyed to Pittsburgh to join with thousands of Presbyterians for our bi-annual meeting, the General Assembly, where the life and work of our little corner of the church takes place at the national level.  I went to help 'man' (or in my case, is it 'woman'?) a booth with information for the Iraq Partnership Network, a small group within the church that partners with Presbyterian churches in Iraq.  In snap-shot form, here is my journey:

Two - number of nice restaurants I was able to enjoy.

Seminary friends Tara, Aisha and I clowning for the camera
Six - number of seminary classmates I was able to reconnect with.

Three - number of folks who've given me encouragement along my own journey that I was able to spend a little time with.  Shout out to Mary Lou who always listens, Cathy who set me on this particular path with a few wise words and David who always believes I have something worth while to say.

Six - folks who helped me navigate, especially Maura, Herman, and a young man named Justice.

One - young man I could help just a tiny bit on his own journey.  Blessings, Samuel, in the effort to help Burma educate its young.

One - person with whom I was able to be in step in our own journey of witness.  Thanks, Michelle, for being you, for the smiles, and for the Holy Spirit's whisper of the same message in both our ears at the same time.  How cool is that?

Ten - pounds of swag to bring back as part of the reminder to me and my wee church in the mountains of Virginia of how very connected we each are to our larger world through the wonderful efforts of so many, many people we will never see or meet.  Every pen is a reminder of a mission or a project or a passion for the justice of a better world.

Countless - faithful witnesses to the love of Christ acted out in the world, old and young, skipping along or riding in wheel chairs, people passionate about the mundane as well as the exalted, working for better education, beautification of buildings, insuring our trusts, tending the spiritual health of service men and women, having a heart for people around the world and close to home, striving to reach out to the next generations, naming injustice, demanding a better -- if harder -- way, seeking, always seeking, the love of Christ and the heart of the Gospel message.

I believe the best of you and wish and pray you all the best.

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