Saturday, July 21, 2012

Into the Silence

I spend a lot of each day alone
yet not
in front of a computer screen
hooked up to fb friends
blogosphere commenters
with telephone at the side
ringing in
with this need
that update
those worries
these bits of good news

I spend a lot of each day alone
yet not
and so am convinced
I spend a lot of time each day
in silence
yet as desert mothers and fathers
would have it,
not so

for the sound of the world
is the accompanying score
of each of my days
bouncing back and forth
off the thoughts in my own mind
which is seldom still
almost never silent

I belong to leagues of citizens
who have all but forgotten
the art, the drama, the beauty
of silence

all but forgotten
the still small voice
drowned out in the noise
yet ever seeking a crack
that bit of silent space
in between
the noisiness of our being

Travel abroad and you will know
what I mean
for we are a noisy
me preeminent among us
chattering away
about this and that
verbally thinking my way
through life

but now it is time
well past time
to travel for a bit
into the land of silence
and sit for awhile
as the still small voice
seeks the crack
into the silence
of my being

Won’t You come in?


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