Tuesday, August 5, 2014


The trembling hands . . . 
his trembling hands
exist somehow separate
from him
yet give him away

this man of kind eyes
calm voice
competent presentation

a man composed –
so composed he could be
speaking of the weather

he could be – but he isn’t

But those hands –
their quaking never stops
They give him away

O Lord, where to look?
Everywhere my eyes are drawn
to his trembling hands

like Jesus’ marks
his trembling hands
are the evidence
they give him away
they give us away

Written in 2005 in Colombia, SA, while on a delegation with Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT).  Listening to a man named Hector describe the impact of his country's violence on his life and the life of his family, I am struck by his hands, which continuously shake, betraying the seeming calm of his voice, mirroring the violence of his words.

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