Friday, August 22, 2014

Taking Stock

Fifteen does and a young buck
A hummingbird or two
The usual suspects of cows
A whisper of a whistle pig
A passle of sunflowers
And one very faint rainbow

One evening drive, two miles or so, I take stock, so to speak and wonder how it was for God, out for an evening stroll in the garden.

I derive some sort of satisfaction in this counting I do on an evening drive in the country.

Does God have that same sense, made even more full for the pride of having made it all happen?

I, mere bystander, am filled to overflowing with such things.

And so I stay in my state of wonder and consider what it must be like for God to take stock.


  1. I'm sure She/He feels the same way when such beauty and peace is seen and felt.

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