Saturday, February 8, 2014

To My Younger Self

Some while back on FB, the question was randomly posed: using just two words, what would you say, if you could, to your younger self.

Obviously cheating by using only two words per line rather than the allotted two words, I gave thought to that younger self, so far gone she’s almost beyond reach and wondered what I could possibly say to her that would be worth the saying.

Here goes:

Beloved, love
Look out!
Fear not
Life is
Love you
Forgiven you
Didn’t know
Slow down
Speed up
Dance more
Sing loud
Lighten up
Be you
Good job
So glad
Great ride
Walk daily
IDK okay
Teeth matter
Don’t . . . 
Do . . . 
Regret not
You rock

Yeah, they’ll do, all those two-word atta-girls and admonitions.

It’s a silly exercise, isn’t it, for the very simple reason that she cannot hear me.  I can barely hear her.  Which leaves me wondering what she has to say to me.  Now that’s worth considering.  Another time.

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