Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Detritus of Our Lives

It’s Yard Sale time in the Highlands!  The ladies of the church are gathering in the detritus of our lives and I love it.  I get to go over to the church whenever I want and troll through all that stuff and it is glorious.

I know, I know.  I shouldn’t be so interested in the material world.  Preachers, after all, are concerned (or should be, so I am told) in things more eternal and somehow thus ethereal.  But it’s just so fun to troll, to see what others have cast off and even run across my own leavings and second-guess whether I really wanted to let that heart-shaped knick-knack go or not.  I mean, it did look good on the guest room dresser.  No, I sternly tell myself.  Let it go.  And giggle, because I actually have ‘bought back’ stuff before.

Then I move on to the glass and table ware left in one home by the former owner . . . the items lovingly packed away when an aunt recently died . . . the continued down-sizing of friends getting older and no longer interested in so much stuff . . . children’s things no longer wanted or needed as the kids have grown . . . evidence of projects that won’t be done this time around . . .

What we let go of is as interesting as what we keep.  And oh, what bargains!  I’ve got a dollar in my pocket.  I think I’ll do a little early shopping.