Friday, February 14, 2014

Those Who Hunger & Thirst

Those who hunger are the 
ones standing at the margins
those who thirst are lying under 
foot being trampled by passers by
as they cry out No!

Whether the hunger or 
the thirst is ours 
or not
we eat at table with 
the hungering and thirsting ones
or not

for sometimes we get 
very good at ignoring their cries
shutting our eyes tight against 
the things they scream in our ears

it’s just too much
and we are too few
and it’s not our problem
and what can one person, 
one family, one church, 
one village, do?

Perhaps we might begin
simply by beginning –
remembering that hunger
and thirst are not abstract –
not theoretical
for they are not
and the real need
sits at table with us

That, perhaps,
is their blessing
to we who do not

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