Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Excuses

I want to go out
and play in the snow
make a snow angel
and take a picture
to share with you
but I have no
cell for a selfie

maybe I’ll just
stay inside
it’s cold out there
and even if I could
manage to capture
a pic with my 
vid cam and not
destroy my ’puter
in the process
you probably couldn’t
see it cos it’d be
white on white
and white on white
doesn’t show much
isn’t that why there’s
blue dye on the white
snow in the Olympics?

and I don’t have any
blue (or any other
color) dye so yeah,
I think I’ll stay inside,

besides, there’s about
a billion snowflakes
in a cubic foot of 
snow and if I go 
outside, I’ll be a 
snow murderer,
won’t I?  as I crush
all those beautiful
flakes underfoot 

just so I can take
a picture to show you?
That doesn’t sound like
a very good reason to
murder innocent snow,
does it?

yeah, I’d better stay
inside – safer for
the snow that way

Homework Hero - source for how many snowflakes in a cubic foot of snow