Friday, May 24, 2013

Where, O Where, Did I Put My Joy?

I’ve lost my joy
Lord, where did I put it?

Did I leave it in the car?

Did it fall under the couch?

Did it disappear into the 
dryer with all those 
unpaired socks?

Maybe I put it in the 
freezer with the car
keys I put there that
one time and when
I found the keys 
I forgot to grab the joy

Maybe it’s in the 
bottom of my purse
where most of my
other lost things 
are – but who wants
to look there?

For the life of me, Lord,
I cannot think where 
I could have put it –
so help me out here,
please – I know you’re
busy with the planet
but I really miss my
joy and don’t know
where to find it –
Little Bo Peep’s
got nothing on me
and yes, I know sheep –
especially the lost kind –
are way more important
than my joy – at least
to the sheep – but won’t
you please, please, help
me find my joy – I do
miss it so – and I am
definitely no fun anymore
trust me when I tell you 
this – I used to be – but
no more – the light is
dulled and there is no
clapping of hands and
no crisis to blame –

I’ve just misplaced my
joy – who does that?
Who loses something so
precious in the detritus of
a life, like it’s worth no
more than the pennies I’ve
bled into the crevices of
the couch over the years?

I’m sorry I didn’t take 
better care of it – this
wondrous gift – I remember
it – can even catch sight of
it scurrying around the 
corner just ahead – but I 
cannot seem to find it –
won’t you help me?
Give me a hint?  Help me
retrace my steps to the last
place I put it down?  I can’t
even remember that – that 
last joy moment – when I 
decided (for I guess I must
have decided, even though
I do not remember even 
that) to put it down – surely
just for a moment while I
picked up something else –
why would I do that?  

I wish I knew.

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