Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I Can Only Imagine

When tornadoes and tsunamis and gunmen interrupt the world, it is the children who capture our hearts and imaginations, we who stand on the other side of the dividing line that is ever present between we who have lost and we who have not.  Every parent’s fear became reality for too many today and today and today and a dividing line stands between us, for we on the ‘safe side’ of the line can only dress rehearse the horror, as if it were a talisman of protection to imagine the unimaginable.  For those whose children have died, sorrow.  For those whose have not, embrace of the day, for there is no safety in tomorrow.  And I, still on this side of the line, can only imagine.

There you stand
on the other side
of the line that
divides us –
always will –
until it doesn’t

That line of before
and after where
the beforeness of
you imagines that
it will never be
that you are me

that place of pride
where you stand
with your child
safely at your side
looking with just
a bit of fear over
the line at me –
who just a moment
ago stood with you
but now –
now I can never go
back to the land
of certainty
the land of the 
smug unaware
not me
not me

the other side
where a child
stands at my side
no longer
is lonely territory

the other side
is the screaming
place and there is
no comfort and you
would not come to
me even if you
could – I would not
ask you to – it would
be too cruel to ask
that you stand with
me bereft of your

Rachel is not the 
only one who weeps
you know

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