Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Turned to Light

If we are mostly water, can sound turn us into light? – Jordan Arsonist on FB

Sonoluminescence:   a phenomena by which a bubble of air in water can focus sound to cause light.    Physics Page FB

As Jordan asks, I am left wondering, since we humans are mostly comprised of water, and since, in some sense, our bodies could be compared to a bubble, whether sound could turn us into light.

Having no scientific ken, I can only come at this from the vantage of the pedant or the poet, focusing entirely too much on either the minutiae or the vagaries and beauty of the thought.

If I were a bubble, what sound would render me light?
Would it be your voice?  The early-morning bird song?
The throaty laugh of the young child bemused and beholding?
No – much as I would wish it so, for I have heard these things
and remain steadfastly fastened, bound, to this non-light way
I think it would take the literal voice of God – transmuted
into sound wave upon shocking sound wave to reveal
the light that is you which might then reveal the light that is me

I think I’ll stick with the physicists to understand and then explain it to me – I have no mind, no sufficient imagination, to encounter even in my questions the idea of the air in a bubble being carried into light by sound.

So it’s the physicists – and the poets – that will have to do – for now.

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