Friday, May 10, 2013

Jesus Loves You: The Greatest Pick-up Line Ever

Jesus loves you!
Click below to meet your true love.



The juxtaposition of the two statements above greeted me on FB yesterday morning and I just had to laugh.  Out loud laugh.  Snort laugh.

Really?  Jesus loves me and thus I am but a click away from true love?

Jesus love as the tag line, the enticement, for me to enter a singles (albeit Christian singles) web site?

I’ve seen Mona Lisa sell toothpaste and now I have seen Jesus ‘sell’ love.

We are so silly.

I wonder if it makes Jesus laugh or cry.

Hoping the former, fearing the latter, I’m choosing to chuckle my way through the day.

After all, Jesus loves me and that, of course, means that I can have a great online hookup.

Lucky me.

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