Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Joyful Feast

We sat down last night to lamb kebabs and tzaziki, salads and caprese, hot dogs for the kids big and small among us, home-grown asparagus with home-made hollandaise, cookies, laughter and love.  There wasn’t a bottle of wine or a loaf of bread in sight, yet sacramental it was, every bite an explosion of joyful surprise and a spirit of contentment pervaded the house.

Sprawling on the couches, the women surrounded by weaving children laugh and talk and laugh some more, while the men sit and chat at the table, comfortable amidst the litter of our leavings.

Friends-in-the-making, we women ministers reminisce about our talk earlier in the day, about Deb’s coming life-changing new call, our silly moments and the more serious ones blending together, and amidst it all, even Sidney the cat is on best behavior, submitting as never before to the frighteningly loving ministrations of young children who adore soft things.

The moon shines bright in the cold night sky lighting the way home for departing guests who leave bathed in its beauty.

It is a good night.

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