Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What is Peace?

We sit together, eating and laughing, sharing and disagreeing, nodding and exchanging, we preacher folk – and it is good.  Tonight we speak of peace.  One among us opines that it’s not a quality he pursues much and I being to wonder at what we each mean when we speak of peace.

Is it the absence of war?  That would be a nice start, but even better would be an end to the reasons for war.

Is it the absence of conflict?  I don’t think so – peace and conflict can exist together, at least so I think.

Is it that marvelous state of being that surpasses human understanding?  Maybe.

At the other end of the spectrum, I am beginning to think that it is chaos rather than the usual suspects which is the opposite of peace – the more-than-disorder absolute tyranny and terror of the not-knowing, not-known, not-knowable of that which is so much more than anarchy – that primordial before-there-was-even-nothingness thing –

In Genesis chaos is the very opposite of creating – structureless, orderless – and it is there, in the non-peace, that God acts.

But if chaos is not-peace, then what is peace?

Maybe it’s no more than strangers who might be friends sharing a meal, dipping invited into each other’s dishes,  with a little bit of conversation thrown in.

It sure felt like it.

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