Thursday, March 14, 2013

Three Points on a Map

ChihChun & Anita on far right, with CPT at our team home
in Sulimaniya - Lukasz, me, Peggy, Michele, ChihChun & Anita

I will soon to Chicago, where ChihChun will arrive shortly before me, she having traveled in real time more than a day, but actually arriving before she began as she crosses the international date line to come for a visit.  Anita will greet us and sweep us up in her love and warmth and the hospitality of her home.

We will visit and laugh.  We’ll catch up on all our news.  We’ll eat together and remember together and separately.  And it will be good.

That’s how it is with friends, isn’t it?

My joy is already overflowing, having received ChihChun’s text of her arrival in Tokyo for the next leg of her journey.  As we had previously communicated about the best way to meet up at the airport, I had to confess that I am (again) without cell phone.  So ChihChun texted that she and Anita will meet first and bring me their cell phones to borrow so I can call them.

I picture her giggle at the sending simultaneous with Anita’s and mine at the receiving.

From three points on a map, the laughter has begun and it is good.

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