Sunday, March 17, 2013

ChicagoDiaryDay2 - The Zoo of My Mind

In keeping with the good food motif of this trip, we went to Manny’s Deli for a late breakfast where ChihChun and I had knishes (me with and ChihChun without gravy) and one of Anita’s cheese blintzes for good measure.  Dining with friends of Anita’s, a harangue against Northwestern and its lack of contribution to Evanston arose, in which I (the pacifist) ended up suggesting that Evanston ‘deannex’ the University.  Why did I suggest waging war on an enemy I do not  have?  I have no idea.

Then off to the Conservatory and Zoo at Lincoln Park – it was pretty cold, so a good many of the animals were caving out of sight, but we did see the lion and unbidden, thoughts of every ‘dumb blond’ joke I”ve ever heard came to mind.  Again I am left bemused by the vagaries and treacheries of my own brain.

Later, after our afternoon nap (I love vacation – that, at least, should evidence sound mind – shouldn’t it?) we headed out for tapas (lovely – shout out to Walt Auvil for introducing me to it lo those many years ago) and then to a church gymnasium to see an original musical.  I hardly know what to say.  I have myself appeared (yes, voluntarily) in a number of local ventures where my own startling lack of talent has shone for all to see.  I guess I raised the bar in my own head simply because we were in Chicago – because we were in a cosmopolitan setting, I expected excellence.  And I was, alas, disappointed.  And then amused.  And then ashamed of my own amusement at their expense.  And then confused.  Cos here’s the thing: when you write something for an audience, you’re doing just that: writing it with a particular group of folks in mind.  And I wasn’t one of them.  Thus I did not understand the moral of the story and was left with the zoo of my mind.  It wasn’t pretty.

I’m sorry I wasn’t a better audience member, but truthfully, not very sorry – not as sorry as I probably should be.

NOTE: We end our evening with me pulling up the famed Allen YouTube video to watch – now that’s some good theater.

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