Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The House at _____ & _______

I don’t know what this stretch of Rt. 42 is called - they can’t be routes anymore.  Not since 9/11.  Isn’t that odd?  Who would have thought of all the things that could and would change, that how we name our roads would be one of them?

But there’s a house on Rt. 42, just past Parnassas – you can’t find it on MapQuest, so don’t bother trying – not so sure about google earth.

The house is beautiful – white frame house with an almost-wraparound porch.

Of all the houses I’ve lived in, it’s the one thing I long for but have never had: a wraparound porch – an outside inside kind of place that goes clear around the house like a skirt – a place where kids and adults can run round in circles to their hearts’ content.

So whenever I pass this particular house, with the spectacular, but not quite wraparound porch, I always sigh just a bit with longing.  For in my imagining, somehow, the wraparound porch, evan an almost one,  is the embodiment of the perfect life.

Odd that I never see anyone on the porch.

Maybe I drive by at the wrong times.

Or maybe they’ve just forgotten what a magic place a porch really is.

I sure hope not.

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