Sunday, March 10, 2013

This Praying With

I prayed with someone today.

It is a ginormous gift – this praying with.

Every now and then we’ll just sit in shared silence with only the offered prayer between us.

But most times the need is named, the hurt laid bare, hands are held, wounds described, silences shared, askings lifted.

It’s holy ground, this praying with.

Holy, hopeful ground, where two or more gather together and name the thing to God – the God who already knows – in the quietude of expectation – not of answers desired so much, but in the expectancy of being heard and being held.

It’s a waiting space, this praying with.

The prayer is offered, teary eyes are dried, life in the normal resumes – a little lighter as the prayer wends its way from our hearts to God’s.  But then begins the waiting – what will God’s answer will be and when will it come.  There is comfort that we wait together – I hope.

It’s meeting place, this praying with.

Masks come off when people pray together.  Hearts are laid bare.  Trust – tremulous or certain – enters in – and that trust – one in another as well as they together in God – is such an act of generosity.

I know God is worthy of it.

I hope I am.

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