Saturday, August 11, 2012


In this Olympic season, there is celebration of the undefeated.  And the character Harvey in the television drama Suits seems to claim an undefeated record as a lawyer.  We adore and admire the undefeated among us.  But should we?

‘Undefeated’ just means hasn’t failed yet.

Failure comes to us all.

It’s part of life.

And that is not a bad thing.

Think about it.

Who wants to hang out with a bunch of winners all the time?

Especially if everyone else in the room is a winner too?

I’m not running out and grabbing failure.

But I am ready for it.


and only because

failure and I have met before

We’re actually old friends

so this time

maybe, just maybe

I won’t be blindsided

I won’t think it wasn’t supposed to happen to me

I won’t be devastated

I’ll just give a little shoulder shrug

and tell myself

better next time

I’ve got no rep,

no street cred to hold onto

I am a failure

at many things

which makes me a success

at one thing . . .


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