Monday, August 6, 2012

To the Would-Be Mass Murderers Among Us

1. Every turban does not cover a terrorist.  Almost no turban does.  You yourself are the living proof that you can't tell a terrorist by looking.

2.     Call it anything you like, but acting on purpose to create fear and terror is terrorism.  And yes, I actually do understand.

3. White is not God’s favorite color.  God made the entire spectrum.

4. Hate is your problem, not your solution.

5. It may not feel like it, but God loves you too.

6. You do not have to do this.  It is a choice you can refuse to make.

7. If having a gun tempts to you to do something you know you shouldn’t do, get rid of it – right now.

8. It’s not a stranger’s fault that your life is not what you wish it to be.  Maybe it isn’t your fault either.  Sometimes things just happen.

9. The shift you are feeling under your feet is the change of time.  That can be scary.  But it doesn’t have to be.

10. Other people telling you to do bad stuff are not your friends.  They do not have your best interests at heart.

11. If you die, your death will not mean anything.  No one will remember.  Everyone gets forgotten given enough time.  Everyone.

12. Killing others will not make you important.  It will make you a murderer.

13. By holding on to that gun, pulling that trigger, you are creating the very world you say you hate.

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