Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dear Senator Rubio

Mr. Romney did well in giving his expected acceptance speech.  Clint Eastwood just felt weird or creepy.
But I reserve the blue ribbon for The Most Disjunct Between Reality & Wishful Thinking to Marco Rubio, Senator from Florida.  Hence this open letter to the Senator.

Dear Senator Rubio:

Did you really want to stand up as a Latino man with roots in Cuba, proclaiming yourself to be a man of color and say with a straight face that this country we both love so much was “ founded on the idea that every person has God-given rights . . .”?

Rights, Mr. Rubio, may be God-given, but America was most definitely not founded on the principle that every person has them. Or do you simply not consider women and people of color and people who did not own any land to be something other than . . . people?

Linking your own immigrant history to Mr. Romney’s, Mr. Rubio, you say, “We are all just a generation or two removed from someone who made our future the purpose of their lives.”

Oh, not all, Senator, not all.

To quote my friend Rhonda, “I’m not an immigrant.  I am the descendant of slaves and you keep leaving us out.”

Why, Mr. Rubio, as a man who made clear tonight that being on the podium at the RNC was a singular honor for you given your own legacy, do you keep forgetting that women and black people and poor people are actually – well – people?

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