Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Ether of Unkept Things

That place where the things
we should have let go of a very
long time ago – but didn’t – 
yeah, where those things go –
the ether of unkept things –
there is where I hope – or
hope never – to find, for these,
after all, are the things un-kept –
regrets – a whole sea of them – 
guilts and shames and memories
unbidden or bidden that stoop
the shoulders and bend the back
with the sheer weight of them
losses that were for the better
had I but known at the time
chances not taken, fears claimed
that should have been left behind
in unclaimed baggage long ago

there, in the ether of unkept things
do I imagine floating about – it is,
I think, the nature of unkept things
to float – angry letters written and
sent or not, their harm no more – 
friendships severed by time and
distance and change of circumstance –
tangible things – the baubles of 
existence – that necklace, this old
chair – all the things that seemed so
essential in their time – now floating
free form in the ether of the unkept

it’s not sad there – it is just –


  1. Oh, my, Beth.. I've been there. You said it so well, however, those "unkept things" often end up in my dreams. And they did seem so essential at the time. Peace, Marilyn