Friday, September 19, 2014

Blood-Dripping Tears: A Florida Lament

blood-dripping tears
quench the ground’s
lust for such things
as all is silence - for
death is silent and
only the dead waited
those with eyes to see - 
their dying already
a done thing - waiting
only for living tears to
begin their commencing
turning into salt and light
in the cosmic way of things
even as earth-bound critters
solidify into something
hard and angry, for who
cannot be angry beholding
such horror? 


Written in response to the news of a grandfather killing his daughter and all her children – his grand-children, in Florida, wondering and worrying about those who found their bodies – their reactions, their internalizations, for how can they not carry hard places with such images residing alongside the memories of favorite meals, Christmas with family, and all that is good?  Only, I think, with, through, alongside, God.

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