Thursday, September 18, 2014

Brownie Points

Being served the extra brownies just for asking, Rosalee shouts out to our erstwhile leader and bringer of goodies, Jimmy, “you just earned yourself some brownie points!”

We laughed and laughed and contemplated in convivial silence there at table how good it is just to be together – enjoying good company, sharing memories in the making, fussing at kids like they were our own.

I don’t know if God gives out brownie points or not, but if so, I’m betting there were some floating around the table last night.

*Brownie points:  social currency earned by doing good deeds or gaining favor in the eyes of another.  Guesses as to its origin include brown stamps (forerunner of the green stamps I remember licking with incredible patience as a child, hopeful that some of the stamps’ largesse might come my way); merits and demerits given to railroad employees by superintendent George R. Brown; and my own favorite (having been one myself and having found the outfit – I know, it was a uniform – but I eschew uniforms, so to me it was always an outfit – far superior to the ones that came after) Brownie Scouts’ merit badges.  Wikipedia

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