Sunday, September 21, 2014

An Ungrateful Scoffing of Rain

It’s unseemly to be ungrateful.
There’s lots worse places weather wise on this planet.


yesterday was one of those days 
that catapults me in alternating hate and hope – 
hate of the heat and humidity, 
hope when the rain comes of a cleansing, 
only to look at the sky with a practiced eye 
declaring to no one but myself, 
yeah, you won’t last long – 
and be right, more’s the pity.


Summer segues to fall, autumn
this first day of the officialdom
of change – as if the leaves falling
stop to notice when it’s time –
or not – as if rain is more forthcoming
when summer segues to fall –
as if the false promise becomes more
real in the clean air of the autumnal promise

and so again the rain comes
and still, and yet,
yeah, you won’t last long –
and I am still right.

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