Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Larry Died Today

Larry died today
and I found myself
these past days
and weeks – looking –
without realizing – 
for signs – not wonders –
just signs – just a little hint,
Lord, that all is well with Larry,
that all would be well with
Larry, that even as we’re here,
and he was here and not here,
that You are here with us and
more, there, wherever there is,
with him – and who knows about
such things – do I see what I’m 
looking for?  Or did you really 
send some signs to a little ole’
country preacher – was it you
when I saw Larry’s profile, hugged
by a mother, in last evening’s clouds?
Was it you?  Or even Larry?  In the 
swirling dervish of autumn leaves
swirling and swirling round me and
running, like a teasing child, across
the road, taking the leaves with you,
like when Larry used to mulch and
mow and rake and gather and cart
away the many leaves of fall – 
a tender by nature, Larry tended
these grounds I inhabit so very well – 
the leaves did dance around and then
away from me – but leaving a few 
behind in my rocking chair – 
in the hours after – 
when he has gone and we are left
and wondering what to do with
ourselves now in the aftermath, in 
the gone-ness of this thing that was
a life?  I do not know which of you it was
– but I was looking for signs without
even knowing I was looking and 
somehow, I got my answer, didn’t I?
And that is enough and good enough
and more than enough and Larry is
fine and more than fine and it is another
day and the leaves are dancing and 
signs and wonders are abounding
and I?  Well, I suppose I am grateful.
Thanks for the leaves – always the 
perfect leaving – how do you do it?


  1. And you are more than fine, too..
    Beautiful. I bet Larry approves.
    Peace and love,

    1. Marilyn, Thank you so much for this. Beth

  2. All is well and you will see Larry for years to come at the most odd moments and you will feel the warmth in your heart.