Monday, June 2, 2014

The Wisdom of a Gran

Monday is for laundry.
           I don’t know why.
           It just is.

The grass is always greener til
           you’re the one who has to mow it.

Chances are when I’m glad to see you,
           you’re glad to see me.

Never be afraid to dance, sing, laugh when you’re by yourself.
           It’s good practice for when other people are watching.

If you want to navigate all the hells you’ll meet in life,
           it’s a good idea to hold on to heaven with all you’ve got.

Reuse tin foil and baggies and bread sacks –
           they’re useful and people will think you’re eccentric,
           which is not a bad reputation to have.

Feeding the world
           begins with knowing how to cook.

I will always love you
           no matter what
           count on it.

Art made by the hands of a child
           is always worth framing.

Guests, even uninvited ones, are a gift –
           treasure them.

Never be afraid to
           cry in front of others or laugh alone.

Pick the soundtrack of your life wisely –
           those voices will be in your head for a long time.

It's better to seek forgiveness than to seek permission
          is only good advice for picking someone else's flowers.

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