Monday, June 23, 2014

News from a Boy's Life

[a city boy’s day in the country]

Lemonade-stand profits are definitely up, as folks at church yesterday gave me money even though they didn’t get any lemonade.  They sure are nice people at that church, aren’t they?

I fed the catfish and blue gill at Miz Sue’s pond.  The fish fought for the disgusting biscuit pieces that I threw to them (the biscuits were so bad we wouldn’t eat them, but the fish liked them very much – fish don’t know much about biscuits, that’s for sure!).

I picked wild flowers for Miz Sue.  She liked them very much.  The flowers were yellow, white and purple.  Daddy put them in a pretty little vase for her.  We had a good time at Miz Sue’s.  She gave me a wooden whistle on a rope I could wear on my wrist.

Later we watched some World Cup.  We missed the USA/Portugal game but we did see Algeria – they looked pretty good.

And then we went to Maggie’s house.  We had steak to eat – it was chewy but the flavor was good.  And grilled asparagus.  And s’mores for desert - they were yummy.

Maggie and I played tag and we rolled down the hill and we ran – a lot.  It was very fun.

Gran and I hunted lightening bugs but we didn’t catch any.

Then we both went to bed.  We were very tired.  It was a good time.

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