Thursday, June 12, 2014

Devotional Time

I read a daily devotional from d365 and in the reading and contemplation, find myself . . . invited.

It is a way of knowing God that I love, this sense of invitedness. . . for every time not picked . . . not chosen . . . not valued . . . not loved . . . there is . . . God – inviting, welcoming, God.

Thus in contemplation am I invited to free myself to be formed (reformed?) by Creator, Creating, God.

And the blessings flow . . . as the waters bring forth . . . hosanna shouting birds of the air . . . slap-happy children plunging their faces into the joy-filled wetness . . . the greening of everything . . . and it is good and very good indeed.

What would Artist God draw forth from me this day?  Loving others?  An appreciative eye and ear?  The gift of simply being?  An openness to that which has not happened yet?  Any and all, I think.  Lord, let me be ready.

Then comes the invitation:  Go/come and join in – it sounds like a party to my ears – I’m having a party, won’t you come?

O Lord, how I do love Your parties.

Thank You for inviting me.

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