Sunday, June 22, 2014

Monstrous Angels and Angelic Monsters

When it comes to horror

To the question why
there is no answer
that will suffice
and perhaps
there really is
no answer at all
save perhaps

is madness
an answer?

The answers that
get offered up
shy away from 
the banal – the 
more true for
it, I suspect –

because we could
because we wanted to
because there was no one to stop us
because the stars were thus aligned
because we thought you deserved it
because we are monsters

monsters capable of angelic kindness
and angels capable of monstrous horror

how it can be thus I cannot say
for I simply do not know
but like you, I have observed this ‘it’
within and without
and thus do I know it to be true

angelic monsters and monstrous angels
make no sense and we cannot explain
them . . . us . . . away
yet here we are
all of us . . . 

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