Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Have You Prayed?

Have you prayed?  This is fast becoming my question – to self and others – when it comes to things big and small, all important in God’s scheme, and especially when someone asks for something and the (mine or others) immediate response is ‘no’.

It is a simply question: have you prayed?

When asked to serve in some way, before saying no, have you prayed?

When confronted with the decision or action of another with which you disagree, to even consider why it is that you disagree, have you prayed?

When someone challenges your view of things, in order to discern not your will, but God’s, have you prayed?

Before deciding someone else is bad, stupid, wrong, misguided, unworthy, have you prayed?

As I said, it is the question I am more and more asking myself as well as others.  So when I read the latest in political outrages (to me), I am trying to pray first.

And when I do, I find myself surprised by the answers that come.  The most frequent answer seems to be: listen.

Listen, Beth, to others.  Listen more; talk less.  Maybe then you will better understand what is at stake for others.  Maybe then you will discern My will in the hullabaloo of the day.  Maybe then you will know that I am God and you and the many voices coming at you are not.  Maybe then you will know when it is necessary to speak and when it is not.  Maybe then you will know what I (rather than the world) require of you.  Maybe.


  1. Thank you, Beth, for this much-needed reminder. I find it easy to pray for personal, familial, or friend needs. But I struggle with outrages, both political (home) and global (wars, injustices, etc.). You are so right! We do need to pray and wait on God's answers. As the old saying goes, "God gave us one mouth and two ears, so we might speak once and listen twice."

    Peace and love,

    1. Marilyn, Such a good old saying to remember, eh? I'm not sure if I'm finding that easier or harder, but I am definitely finding it increasingly important - and oddly, comforting - reminding me that I am not in charge of the universe somehow. Peace, Beth