Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Google Made My Day

My blog, according to a web ranker, is 1.7 millionth in the world!  Woo hoo!  I’ve never had a world ranking before for anything.  I’ll take 1.7 millionth – for now.

Making me smile.

Wonder what it takes to move up to 1.6 millionth or so?

So I went trolling other sites that rate sites and it turns out someone at Shutkeys, whatever that is, thinks my blog is, and I quote:

Wow – since I spend a good bit of my time musing on Jesus and faith and such, I am left wondering . . . is Jesus adult?  I suppose so – although not in the way they mean, I’m pretty sure.  Is he inappropriate?  Oh, you betcha – depending on whether it’s your toes getting stepped on or not.  Is following Jesus your own responsibility?  Absolutely.  I guess the ‘unsafe’ tag is more fair than I first thought.

Oh, I have 2,900 mentions for the blog site on Google – pretty good, considering I’ve only got 840 or so posts.  Although pretty bad if Shutkey is any indication of the other mentions.

Then there’s PageInsider, weighing in only to tell you I’m not on PageInsider – I like that too – the recognition of anonymity somehow makes me feel special – thanks PageInsider.  Same with SiteGlimpse, except they showed two mentions the blog got on other blogs – who knew – and by someone who actually liked (a) my poetry and (b) my sense of humor – I am feeling absolutely cherished today!  (It doesn’t take much.)

Perhaps my favorite (I’ve found the link and the site, but not the reference on the site), apparently there’s an online directory listing references to bears and a post I did that mentioned the grizzly bears in Glacier National Park, where I worked for a summer, got listed – how cool is that?  And who knew someone took the time to gather online references to bears – boy, people sure are interesting.

I’m going to stop now, but trolling sure was fun.

Thanks, Google, for getting me my 15 seconds (the times have changed a bit since Warhol, after all) of fame.  And for showing me that more people (according to Google’s cache, anyhow) visit sites that reference my blog as being ‘no information available’ than actually read the blog.  Made my day.  Really.

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