Thursday, April 3, 2014

Active Dormancy

Isn’t it interesting, maybe even ironic, that the maple trees are so productive, so fruitful, when they would seem to be the most dormant.  While the sap runs so well, it would mostly seem to our eyes that nothing at all is happening.  I wonder what God does within us during our dormant times, the times when, to human eyes, it would seem that we’re doing nothing at all . . . what God manages to work when we release ourselves to simply being.  Perhaps, like the maple tree, life is running within us, anxious to produce fruit.  May it be so, Lord, may it be so.


  1. When I retired, I decided to not get involved in anything that required a year long commitment. I told people it was time for me to be fallow. I have felt that this decision has really given me a chance to think through the what next without pressure to decide anything quickly. I don't know when the fallow period will end, but I'm beginning to feel a slight springing of impetus, like seeds swelling inside. It's an interesting feeling and one I'm so glad I waited for. I think sometimes Americans are busy because we don't know how to be still and wait on the Lord.
    I know I've still got lots of things to do, but I also know with this oddly calm assurance that I will know what they are when it's time to do them.

    1. Ginny - ah - the spiritual practice of stillness - not my gift :-) but thanks for the crucial reminder that it is God's time and rhythm we inhabit. Beth