Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Where the Weather Stops

I live in a
          [if not the]
place where
the weather stops

Top Jack Mountain
one side snow-covered
the other not a speck of white
like a cake for twins
not twin-like at all
with one-half covered in icing
the other just plain

Sit in the chapel on a Sunday
look to the east and see sunshine
look out the west window
and it’s raining

Where does the one stop
and the other begin?
I’m guessing at the crest
of the roof line

but I lack the eyes to see
so clearly that I can know
for sure – all I know is that

here – in this place –
the weather stops
and restarts
and again
and every time
it is surprise


  1. Cool stuff, Beth. And from our favorite topic, perspective, I offer the following: We watch weather approach — drifting, rolling, sometimes barreling through the gap at Jack toward the our corner of the valley. And sunsets. Don't forget that the sun drops behind Jack Mountain, providing spectacular endings on a daily basis.

    1. So now I'm thinking I have to trek up Jack just to see if I can see the sun coming and going all at once. Awesome we have, for sure.

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