Friday, November 1, 2013

For All the Saints

I met the great cloud
one Easter Sunday long ago
as the old man retired
came to preside at the table
I not yet official enough
not yet seasoned enough
not yet ready enough
to do – word proclaiming
is one thing – table serving
quite another

and with a bit of a shaky hand
and tremulous voice
he told of his anticipation
standing there every time
where he was sure his
mother and sister
long gone from earthly things
would be – waiting – for him

and they would dine together
as they used to do

I have never forgotten
that moment when – in
story-telling – the table
came alive for me

and I knew so many already
there I was so glad to meet
again and better here
at this table where
we could meet when
on the same side of the veil
we so often could not

and I was glad