Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Silly Bird

Sitting in the gathering space of the retreat center in the daylight hours, we marvel at the incessant tapping.

Surrounded by windows on all sides, it’s a bit disconcerting, until Christina deduces the cause: a small mockingbird is trying to get in.

Why he would want to get in remains a mystery.

One does not usually credit birds with strategic capabilities navigating ingress and egress.  Nor do we often think of birds choosing where they want to be based on color and beauty.

But this bird goes from window to window to door to window, proceeding around the circle of the windows and doors, methodically seeking entre, always denied yet undeterred.

This morning, we all sit enjoying a leisurely breakfast, when we’re interrupted by a light tapping.

He’s back.

He’s like the postal service, this guy – unstoppable by small things like night and double-paned glass, he continues his tapping, confident that he will find the way in.

He is, after all, determined.

Silly bird.


  1. Usually the birds tap because they see their reflections in the glass, and are defending their territory against a "strange-other-bird."

    1. Makes sense, but this guy went from window to window to window to door and he was a hoot - later in the day, when he started at one window, I ran to the next one and just stood there and he totally flipped out when he flew up to do his tap thing and there I was - made me laugh out loud.