Saturday, November 9, 2013

Quilt-Making God

Quilt-making God
who covers me with
a warmth I can scarce
take in with its complete
and completing embracing
of all found lying under these
many covers and layers

imagine how surprised I am
to find that You are there –
one of the layers, if not all
of them – embracing
and warming to
and uncovering

the all
of everything

in every stitch
we are made
and undone

in every pattern
we are found
and put in our place
[not in a bad way]

in every layer of the quilt
You have made 
and make
that is You

there are we
a part of the 
the texture
of You

Last night I slept on the couch under the quilt I made when I was 18 or so for my parents’ wedding anniversary.  I have it now for some necessary repairs, which I’ve been slow to make.  I think I just like having it here, as I find myself thinking that I need more quilts.  There is no warmth, no comfort, like lying under the covering made so lovingly, stitch by stitch, by beloved human hands – save God.  For me, God’s love is much like that quilt, made with a thousand hands from the past guiding my inept fingers in the ways they should go.

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