Saturday, July 13, 2013

VBS Day 5

A little boy runs across the parking lot and gives me a hug, then runs back to the sidewalk and runs back and forth between me and the sidewalk hugging and running . . . a sheet filled with red hands as young and old alike learn to stand up and speak out against injustice – the injustice of children being used by adults around the world to fight their battles for them . . . grass everywhere – the combination of cut grass + a wet day + lots of little (and bit) feet coming in and out and in and out of he church – what a glorious sight . . . singing softly until we get to the parts everybody knows when shouts of joy and recognition emerge . . . same little boy handing out music sheets like a pro as we progress from song to song to song . . . babies sleeping on mom shoulders . . . activity sheets strewn everywhere . . . old friendships strengthened and new ones forged . . . VBS is over and it was good.

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